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Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders and we apologise in advance for any unintentional omissions. We would be pleased to rectify any copyright issues. Please contact us to report any problems.


We develop original, tailored projects for our clients. We do not perform significant work ‘on spec’ without remuneration.

All the projects we complete on a ‘work-for-hire’ basis are performed subject to a detailed, plain-language contract.

Flying Workshop works with a variety of freelance partners to create each project. We will acknowledge the contribution of freelance partners whenever possible. Freelance contributors are not staff members of Flying Workshop, but work with us on a contract basis.


Flying Workshop™, all logos and indicia, are trademarks of The Open Group Pty Ltd and Nathan Peter Wong. Each of our projects has a series title and lead characters, which are trademarks. Roach Motel™, The Shifty Sands Motel™, Eddie the Roach™, Captain Cluck™, Eldred Sands™ and Ephemera Sands™ are trademarks. Dodger Rising™ is a trademark. Sister Mary Excelsior™ is a trademark. Love Your Grub™ is a trademark.

This site also features trademarks including, but not limited to, the trademarks of our clients, contributors and suppliers. We also use trademarks when describing products, existing media, books, and software. We acknowledge that trademarks belong to their respective owners.


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